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Main business
We have linked all the functions and services through the whole import trade process to optimize the import logistics supply chain scheme to the greatest extent.
General agency trade
Special Agent Trade
Overseas Agency Service
WCA members, covering 100 overseas agents worldwide, have established cooperative relations with many shipping companies and airlines worldwide, and can organize the best means of transport and transport schemes according to the needs of cargo and voyage.
Value added service
International Receipt and Payment of Foreign Exchange, Domestic Food Storage, License Examination and Approval, Agent of Import Right, Contract Signature
Service advantages
Experience Accumulation in Import Services
15 years
Service case
China was the earliest import supply chain service company.
Fifteen years of experience in import services,
Focus on import agency services.
Industry Solutions
It covers major port cities throughout the country, operates on a network of ports, optimizes import schemes, and better realizes your different needs.

Nation460Import Consultant

Devotion Creates Value for You

We take the service package, the import trade threshold is reduced to zero,
With our support, a person can be engaged in import trade
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